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About Motorcycle Accidents in San Jose, California

A motorcycle accident may be defined as any traffic-related accident that involves a motorcycle. This may include a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, involving the motorcycle and a fixed object, or a multi-vehicle accident such as a motorcycle and a truck, car, bus or other motorcycle. Some motorcycle accidents will also involve pedestrians or bicyclists, although these are not as common. At Pacific Attorney Group, we represent injury victims in all types of motorcycle accident claims and lawsuits, including all the different types of accidents listed above, as well as DUI motorcycle accidents and those involving defective motorcycle or auto parts.

When a person is injured in a San Jose motorcycle accident, he or she may have the right to seek financial damages from the party that caused the accident, whether this is the driver of the other vehicle or another person or entity responsible for causing the accident to occur.

 After a motorcycle accident, we highly recommend that you call our law offices to talk to an attorney about what occurred. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling claims of this nature and can assist you in filing your insurance claim, as well as taking your case to civil court if this is necessary to seek a positive resolution. Although you are not required to have a lawyer at your side when you file your insurance claim, you will most likely benefit from involving a legal professional who can assert your rights and protect your interests in the event that the insurance company attempts to take advantage of you by offering an unfairly low settlement or by attempting to deny your claim.

Involving an Attorney for Your San Jose Motorcycle Accident Claim

For more information about motorcycle accidents in San Jose, California, feel free to review our frequently asked questions section or contact a San Jose motorcycle accident attorney for a free consultation. We're here to help!

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